Briony Redman has been shortlisted for the BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy Script 2016, shortlisted for BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum at the NYTV Festival 2012 (for a script co-written with Stephanie Ancell) and the Red Planet Picture Prize 2010. Briony has co-written two sitcoms that have previously been optioned and was shortlisted for iFeatures 2014 with writer-director Kate Herron. Briony and Kate are currently working on a feature film, Miss Universe, which was selected for Microwave for the second stage of development (2016-17). Briony has previously written additional material for BBC Radio 4 (Laura Solon: Talking & Not Talking and Laurence & Gus: Hearts and Minds). As well as writing sketch and character comedy Briony has written an award-winning short film and a comic play, Farce Noir: The Big Sheep, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Reviews for Farce Noir: The Big Sheep

This delightful film noir parody features a quartet of comic performers on top form.

The cast have unerring chemistry which brings a real spark to some of their zippier exchanges, and the script sparingly drops in moments of surrealism to great effect. This is a joyously daft show performed with real vim and vigour.
— The List****
the script is positively soaked in wordplay… Outlandish good fun
— Fest

Awards / Nominations for Forget-Me-Not

  • Best Comedy Short (Won - Southampton International Film Festival)
  • Best Short Screenplay (Won - Southampton International Film Festival)
  • People's Choice Audience Award (Won - Shärt International Comedy Film Festival)
  • Best Comedy (Nominated - Aesthetica Short Film Festival)
  • Best Comedy Short (Nomination - Long Island Film Expo)
  • Best International Short Film (Nomination - Long Island Film Expo)
  • Best Comedy (Nomination - International Film Awards Berlin)
  • Best Actress in a Short (Nomination for Briony Redman - Houston Comedy Film Festival)
  • Short Comedy Award (Nomination - Crystal Palace Film Festival)

Comedy Show Reviews

Effortlessly feel-good
— The Skinny (for debut solo Secret Show)
vibrant, articulate sense of mischief of the writer-performers
— The Times (for double act Surname & Surname)
quick-witted and fast-paced goofball sketches featuring word play, silliness, and spot-on comedic timing
— The Scotsman (for Ladies & Gentlemen Sketch Show)
Very Funny
— Guardian Guide (for double act Bronya & Siony)