Getting in Touch

If you wish to come to one of Briony's comedy gigs you can find out more on the comedy pages of this website or follow her on Twitter @brionyred where she will tell you of upcoming gigs and other things that pop into her head. 

If you wish to make a professional enquiry about acting or writing work then please contact Briony's agent: 

Nick Ranceford-Hadley at NRH Management (E) (T) 07940 376928

For press enquiries relating to her Edinburgh Festival Fringe show please contact the Pleasance Press Office, (E) (T) 0131 556 6557

For other matters you could try filling in the mystery form below. Where does it go? Nobody knows. (If you find out where these forms end up please can you let Briony know by filling in the form below).

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The cartoon of Briony was done by the wonderful Ami-Lou Sharpe. You should check out her stuff HERE